OUr history

The congregation of our church began in 1815 on a tract of land provided by Anthony Gholson. It was called Pleasant Grove Church until October 1894 when the church voted to change the name to Steubenville Baptist Church. The church has worshipped in at least four buildings since 1815. The first was a log building. The second was a one-room building, dedicated May 1887. The third was a brick building, built in 1948, and the present building was built in 1999.

In 1998, the church purchased fifteen acres of land from the Selvidge farm for a new building. The property was located just seven-tenths of a mile from the last building. The steel structure was erected and concrete was poured for the 17,000 square foot building. The framing of the new building was started in June of 1999. The dedication of the newly completed building was held on December 5, 1999. This was accomplished in approximately six months due to groups of volunteers from seven states giving their time and labor. The present building has a 500 seat capacity sanctuary, a fellowship hall, nineteen classrooms, church offices and a library. In 2001, the church built a Family Life Center and, within two years, additions were added to both sides, making it a 13,200 square foot facility.

The Lord has blessed Steubenville Baptist Church in many ways with all the God-sized things we have seen happen here.